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Invest Logistic 1 EOOD offers practical transport and logistics solutions. Our main activity is related to the development and supply of the platform www.investlogistic.com - a web-based system for the administrative search and supply of loads and trucks in countries from Europe, Russia, Central Asia and North Africa. We give you access to loads and free trucks of our clients in more than 60 countries and the offers can be read in several languages. The developed system avoids empty trips, facilitates access to loads from different locations, increases the efficiency of your business, and optimizes costs. Invest Logistic 1 has quickly become established as a trusted partner for both traders and carriers.


We at Invest Logistic 1 EOOD work on a daily basis to provide quality service to our clients:


Facilitated access to loads and free trucks in over 60 countries


Search options by different criteria


Data security. No compromise over any attempt at unfair practice

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